Cezerin - Open-Source e-commerce platform

Full-Stack JavaScript. Single-page application. API-Centric Architecture.

Cezerin allow you to create online store with full-stack JavaScript.

Demo store Demo dashboard (read only)


  • Single-page application
  • Server-side rendering (SEO friendly)
  • API-Centric Architecture
  • Passwordless and JWT
  • Import/export theme from zip
Cezerin dashboard

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React for web designers

Use React as a Template Engine. Build single-page applications for better user experience.


The future roadmap of Cezerin includes a number of focus areas, some of which are detailed below (in no particular order):

  • Documentation
  • Automated tests
  • Central update
  • Store: Services
  • Store: Themes
  • WebHooks
  • REST API to edit theme
  • Customer account
  • Progressive Web Apps

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